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This is a best of both worlds approach to consistently finding the most timely stock trades.

That’s because POWR Breakouts blends the proven fundamental merit of the POWR Ratings system with the famed Trade Triangles technical analysis signals from MarketClub.

The result is a brand new active trading service where we do the hard work to dig through mounds of data and narrow it down to a handful of the most timely stock trades ready to break higher.

Yes, even during the worst market conditions there are still a few select stocks bucking the trend to burst higher.

Typically they enjoy the best combination of fundamental and technical set ups to help them take flight. Exactly the kind of stocks you will find in POWR Breakouts.

And the next timely trades are coming this Monday before the market opens!

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As if the POWR Ratings wasn’t good enough, now let’s tune into...

Trade Triangles – Best Technical Signals

The Trade Triangles were created by a legendary trader on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. He developed this powerful tool after decades of 'in the trenches' experience. 

At first, he just used paper and pencil to chart patterns.

However, it didn't take long to realize the need to partner with a computer engineer to digitize his method for identifying trends and take it to the next level. 

Voila, the Trade Triangles were born.

While many traders recognize the value of trends, few understand the power of verifying the trends on multiple timeframes. The Trade Triangles make this easy!

The Trade Triangles analyze trends for several timeframes, finding points of intense strength and moves with big upside potential.

About the POWR Ratings

Most of you are quite familiar with the POWR Ratings which is at the center of everything we do at because it gives customers such a phenomenal advantage over the market. 

By analyzing 118 unique fundamental factors for every stock, we consistently find shares that are ready to excel as proven by this performance chart going back to 1999. 

Just a Few Examples of “Trade Triangles” Success

One Final Improvement...

We love having the computers do the heavy lifting to blend the POWR Ratings and Trade Triangles together. However, just spitting out a laundry list of top picks is a bit hollow.  

Gladly we can do even better than that which is why we tapped trading legend, Tim Biggam, to be the Editor of the POWR Breakouts service. 

He will supply the all important “WHY?” behind the trades. Like why buy it now...and why sell now to lock in maximum gains. 

StockNews customers know him well as the guy who absolutely CRUSHED IT in 2022 with the string of winners he served up in the POWR Options service. 

Yes, even during the raging bear market of 2022 he carved out incredible gains for subscribers by blending the POWR Ratings with technical analysis to find the most timely options trades. 

And now he will do the same thing to find the very best stock trades in POWR Breakouts.

Average annual returns calculated in a backtested study from 1/1/1999 to 12/31/2022

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For a limited time you can experience the market beating returns of the POWR Breakouts, for only $1 for a full 30 days. During your risk-free trial you'll get:

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  • Timely Trade Alerts by email or text telling you exactly when AND why to buy & sell.
  • Precise % Allocations: Easiest way to determine how much money to put into each trade.
  • Weekly commentary including in-depth market outlook.

What Happens After the 30 Day Trial?

Most likely you will want to stay a member of POWR Breakouts trading service after the trial to get the full benefit of our proven strategy placed in the capable hands of trading expert, Tim Biggam.

If that is the case you have 3 great membership options:

  • $107 per month (monthly plan)
  • $100 per month  (6 month plan = $600 in total) 
  • $66.42 per month (1 year plan = $797 in total. Save 38%) - BEST OFFER!

However, if the service doesn't feel like the right fit for your investing style, then just cancel and not be charged further. In fact, we are even happy to give you a refund on the $1 trial amount.

We'll also send you an email 7 days before your trial converts to remind you it is coming to an end.

Yes, that is quite uncommon...I guess you could say that is the “Golden Rule” part of how we do business, because we want you to be 100% certain that POWR Breakouts is right for you. 

And if you're still unsure, we will even give you an extra 90 days after your trial converts to get a full refund.  

Plain and simple, if you don’t love our service...we don’t deserve your money.

As you can see there is absolutely no risk in taking a trial now. And on Monday morning the next timely trades are going live.

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