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Higher Rewards!

This is our newest way to leverage the market topping performance of our POWR Ratings computer driven system.

4X better results than the S&P 500 is a good start with our A rated Strong Buy stocks.

But now with the benefit of options trading, you can put less money at risk in each trade, yet enjoy the same amazing upside potential. In fact, most trades can be started for less than $500.

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Now let's dispel of some of the most common options trading myths:

Q: Isn't Options Trading Too Risky?

A: This is the greatest myth of all because options were created to decrease risk. That's because you can control $1,000 worth of stock for just $100. Thus, in reality you are risking 90% less money as you do when you enact stock trades while still enjoying the same exciting upside potential.

Q: Isn't Trading Options Complicated?

A: POWR Options is just focused on the simplest trades like Calls and Puts that any investor can easily handle.

When it comes to the Call options we will only be focused on the A and B rated POWR Stocks that have shown to stand tall above the market since 1999. This puts the odds of success firmly in our favor.

And when we dial up a Put option it will be concentrated in the D and F rated stocks that have historically fallen into the red (gladly that works into our favor with Put options where we make money as the stock price declines).

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For a limited time you can experience the market beating returns of the POWR Options newsletter, for only $1 for a full 30 days. During your risk-free trial you'll get:

  • Timely Call and Put options trades leveraging the proven POWR Ratings system.

  • Immediate Trade Alerts by Email or Text telling you exactly when AND why to buy & sell.

  • Weekly commentary including in-depth market outlook and trading plan.

What Happens After the 30 Day Trial?

Most likely you will want to stay a member of POWR Options trading service after the trial to get the full benefit of our proven strategy placed in the capable hands of options expert, Tim Biggam.

If that is the case you have 2 great membership options:

  • $97 per month
  • $397 for 6 months ($66.17 per month save 32%)

However, if the service doesn't feel like the right fit for your investing style, then just cancel and not be charged further. In fact, we are even happy to give you a refund on the $1 trial amount.

Meaning there is absolutely no risk in taking a trial now. Just select your preferred membership option after the 30 day trial ends, then click the Start My Trial button.

Most importantly, we are tapping options trade expert, Tim Biggam to be our guide for this service.

Tim began his trading career on the CBOE trading floor just months before the crash of 1987. Surviving Black Monday taught him an invaluable lesson in managing both risk and emotions.

Since then he has risen the ranks of the options trading world becoming one of its foremost experts. That is why you will often see him on CNBC, TD Ameritrade's "Morning Trade Live" and Bloomberg TV.

Here is the real key as to why we tapped Tim to head the POWR Options service.

Whereas Tim knows that losses are inevitable in trading, however, large losses are downright unconscionable. Thus, position sizing and risk control are extremely important when trading options and will be a centerpiece of how he manages POWR Options.

All in all, Tim will tell you precisely the right time to buy. And, most important, the optimal time to sell to lock in maximum gains.