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If you like the idea of buying little-known stocks under $10 that have the potential to deliver big profits fast, then this service is for you. This powerful strategy has generated a +57.82% average annual return since 1999, including a +20.32% gain during the 2022 bear market.

Imagine the life-changing money you’d collect from just one of these winners! Because for a stock priced below $10, you can load up on shares cheaply! You can win big while risking as little as possible.

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Focused on simple Calls and Puts trades only, POWR Options is the perfect way to add extra leverage to your portfolio. We're talking +55.24% gains since launching November 15, 2021 - yes, that’s through the bear market!

Follow the step-by-step trade alerts, and you’ll start supersizing your returns with minimal risk, even if you’re a beginner options trader.

(Value: $797)

You get the fundamental strength from POWR Ratings and the technical signals from with their Trade Triangle algorithm. Put simply? This is the best of boat worlds approach, and it’s market-beating.

(Value: $797) 

Discover the best value stocks available in the market at any time. A bull market, a bear market, it doesn’t matter. This fan-favorite service has delivered +35.59% annual gains since launching, and it’s not slowing down anytime soon! Consider this service the perfect sidekick for a rebounding market in 2023 & beyond.

(Value: $797) 

No matter what’s happening in the economy… there’s a bull market somewhere, and Steve Reitmeister will find it for you using his 40 years of investment experience. You’ll receive 5-10 hand-picked stocks, ETFs, Steve’s weekly commentary, and timely trade alerts.

POWR Premium (Value: $239)

Perfect for the do-it-yourself investor. With Premium, you’ll unlock all the gated content on the main page of our website, including our latest “A” rated stocks, high-yield dividend stocks, our stock screener, and more. Fair warning: a mountain of data is a goldmine if you know how to analyze it. Use this info yourself or in conjunction with any of the other services you’ll unlock.

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🔍 Q: What is the POWR Rating system?

A: We evaluate 118 factors for each stock, culminating in an "A" to "F" rating. It encompasses Growth, Value, Momentum, Stability, Sentiment, and Quality.

Stocks that scored high receive an “A” rating… while lemons receive an “F.”

📈 Q: What Are the Results?

A: Since 1999, a $10,000 investment using our algorithm would now be $5,355,681—a significant outperformance of the S&P 500—as you see in the chart below:

And POWR Ratings help you avoid lemons, too.

Here’s the annual performance difference between ‘F’ rated picks and ‘A’ rated picks:

🔗 Q: How Does POWR Apply to Each Service?

A: Each service targets a distinct investing strategy, unified by the POWR Rating system.

For example:

POWR Stocks Under $10 uses our same “A” to “F” model, except it’s finely tuned to locate the best-rated stocks that cost less than ten bucks.

Whereas POWR Value uses the same rating system, except it’s designed to find stocks with the best value, regardless of price.

That’s what makes this offer the perfect opportunity for you to test everything.

You can use the investing strategy you know and love with the confidence of POWR Ratings backing you up and use those same ratings to test a new strategy.

🚀 Q: What Are Some Individual Results?

A: Here is a sampling of our recent winners:

+138.9% on PNTR…

+192.4% on GSP…

+185.7% on MOVIQ…

+178.9% on LFVN…

+140.1% on MTEX…

+155.2% on AINN…

+152.2% on RELV…

+223.3% on AXSO…

+216.6% on CBOU…

And +301.2% on UMC!

Will every trade be this successful?

Of course not, but you can see the potential here again.

💼 Q: What happens after the trial period if I choose to continue with one of the membership options?

A: After the 30-day trial, you can choose from three membership plans: $147 per month, $140 per month for a 6-month plan, or $97 per month for a 1-year plan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Good Deal

$147 per month

Monthly plan

Best Deal

$97 per month

1 year plan = $1,164 in total

Save 34%

Better Deal

$140 per month

6 month plan = $840 in total

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(Value: $797) 

No one else on Wall Street, in America, or the world has access to this black box of an income system. This income system takes conservative dividend stocks, ranks them according to 118 factors, and calculates the absolute best buys right now. If you had followed the backtested results for the past 22 years… You could’ve turned a small stake of $25k into an eye-opening $4.1 million dollars!