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5 Year


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  • 90 Day Refund
  • Performance Guarantee
  • Most Popular Plan

3 Year


  • $66.67 per month
  • 90 Day Refund
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1 Year


  • $83.08 per month
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Limited Time Access to Our Most Profitable Solution for Investors

To some investors our POWR Ratings was an absolute blessing thanks to the consistent outperformance of top rated stocks (+28.90% per year).

To others it was a downright hassle with over 1,300 Buy rated stocks to choose from every day.

So we turned back to the Data Scientist who created the POWR Ratings. The goal was to narrow down to stock lists with just 10 stocks each.

Plus, we demanded that these strategies boost performance...

Even better, we wanted it to be so easy for investors to use that they could enjoy this outperformance in as little as 10 minutes a month.

Voila! The POWR Screens 10 service was created.

10 screens with truly STELLAR results. Judge for yourself below:

As you can see by the screen names. There is truly something here for every kind of investor


Stocks Under $10...Safest Stocks

Large Caps...Small Caps

Even better, look at the consistent outperformance of annual returns. 

Many of them even generated impressive gains in 2022 as the bear market came to town. Leading the parade was the Stocks to Short Strategy at +62.85% on the year. Small Caps also impressed at +15.73% while Stocks Under $10 generated a +20.32% return.

The real key is that these computer driven models are updated daily to provide you the most timely stocks right now!

Plus, you'll get a weekly email from CEO Steve Reitmeister providing quick insights that will help you determine which are the best strategies to tap into now. That may be about market direction and whether it's time to get more bullish or bearish. He'll also share details on the latest performance update.

But you need to act fast as this offer is only open till midnight on Monday, February 12th, 2024.

Why Limited Time Access?

The Data Scientist who created the POWR Ratings spent 5 full years testing thousands of different factors to create this complete and robust model. So when we asked to develop these even more powerful screens his initial reaction was not positive.

Why? Because he uses the model in his personal trading to generate consistent outperformance. And thus he is deathly afraid of too many investors coming on board these screens sapping results.

Gladly there was a perfect solution.

We agreed to 3 vital demands.

First, we could never share ANY details on these screens. The factors that go into narrowing down to just 10 stocks per strategy needed to remain an absolute secret. A truly impenetrable "Black Box" system.

Second, no free trials can be given. Only serious investors can have access to these potent screens.

Third, there has to be a firm limit on the investors using the system at any time.

To be clear, we are confident that we could easily get 5 to 10 times more customers into the service with everyone enjoying tremendous returns. But our Data Scientist partner was adamant about keeping a lid on the number of subscribers to ensure widespread success for each of the screens.

By agreeing to these 3 key terms we are now able to open the doors again to new POWR Screens 10 members, but only for the next 75 subscribers.

Thus, we will close the doors when we add 75 more subscribers. Or midnight Monday, February 12th, 2024 (whichever comes first).

Start Your POWR Screens 10 Subscription Now!

We considered selling subscriptions to each screen ala carte.

However, ever changing market conditions should lead investors to use different screens at different times. Thus, we felt it was imperative that these screens be bundled together for the benefit of the client.

Certainly you wouldn't be surprised to see a price tag of $1,000 or more for each individual strategy given their stellar outperformance. Yet part of our mission is to provide professional strength investing tools for the benefit of individual investors. Which led us to this aggressive pricing plan to get access to all 10 strategies:

$997 for 1 Year

$2,400 for 3 years

$2,497 for 5 Years (50% savings!)

Yes, you read that correctly... just $2,497 for a full 5 years of great stock picks. This is represents a massive 50% off the annual rate and explains why this is our most popular subscription plan.


2 Ground Breaking Performance Guarantees

We are so confident that you will be absolutely thrilled with the results from POWR Screens 10 that we are backing it up with two full money back guarantees:

Reserve Your Spot Now!

Remember that the option to become a new member to POWR Screens 10 will be shut down when we add 75 new subscribers. Or Midnight Monday, February 12th, 2024 (whichever comes first).

And given the truly ground breaking nature of this service, and the world beating performance, those 75 seats will go fast.

So you should claim your subscription now.

Plus don't forget you will be backed by our 2 refund guarantees: 90 Day & Performance Guarantee.

Just select which level of subscription savings that fits you best and get started today to make 2024 your best investing year yet.

90 Day Refund: For any reason, if you don't think this service if right for you, then we will give you a full refund on your purchase price within the first 90 days.

Performance Guarantee:  If we can't help you beat the market...we don't deserve your money. And thus if you commit to using these strategies, and they somehow don't help you outperform the S&P 500, then we will give you a full refund. This industry leading policy extends for the full length of your subscription term. 

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