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Dear Reader,

If you like the idea of buying stocks under $10 that deliver BIG profits…

Using a proven, market-beating computer model with decades of success…

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Here’s the story:

My name is Steve Reitmeister, I’m the CEO and founder of and previously worked as the Editor-in-Chief of for 16 years.

A few years ago, I hired one of the world’s leading financial Data Scientists to develop a quant model based on EVERYTHING that determines stock performance.

In total, he analyzed over 2,000 factors…

… and discovered that just 118 make stocks GO UP!

Those 118 factors became our POWR Rating quant model.

Everything that got the odds in the investor's favor and led to consistent performance over time remained in the model… while the other 95% of the factors were tossed out.

Stocks that scored high receive an “A” rating… while lemons receive an “F.”

And had you only invested in “A” rated stocks since 1999…

Compare that to the meager $59,413 you’d collect from the S&P 500.

Of course, past results don’t guarantee future results…

But you can see the real potential here.

A supercomputer rating the top stocks based only on PROVEN factors that determine if a stock will go up or down… cutting through ALL emotion and noise.

  • Growth… Value… Momentum… Stability… Sentiment… and Quality…

Point blank:

If you’re trading without a quant model — you’re at a big disadvantage.

Having a proven system for vetting stocks based on factors that determine success is the best way to get rid of the fear and greed, and emotions that come with trading.

And that’s why our POWR model is UP +57.82% annually on average…

Alright — it’s true — most years were bullish…

But this is not a “bull market only” model… consider this…

Try Our Most Powerful Stock Picking Strategy…

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“This is not a scaled-down “light” or limited-use version as some publishers offer… harness the FULL power of our market-crushing “under $10” quant strategy with
trades that deliver +57.82% average annual returns… all for just a buck!”

15 straight years has beaten the S&P 500 (including 2022!)

Introducing The POWR Ratings System

A $10,000 Investment Would Have
Grown to $5,355,681 Today!

Instead of Losing Money In 2022…

Your Portfolio Could’ve Been UP +20.82%!

That’s exactly the result our POWR Ratings delivered.

And look at the results from previous bear markets:

Clearly, this is not a fluke — this model delivers consistent results.

Imagine collecting more cash while everyone else was worried about the downturn.

All by following a proven model that does all the hard work for you.

You’d avoid the stock market’s biggest lemons too.

Notice how “F” rated stocks perform terribly at -21.30% annually (even during bullish markets)... and the S&P 500 just barely gets a “C minus!”

This 118-factor rating system works.

Simply go for the “A” rated stocks, and you’re set… no second-guessing.

And now you can —

Because investing in low-priced stocks is just flat-out fun.

It’s a lottery ticket for potentially explosive growth…

And the right to brag to your friends or co-workers about the unknown stock you discovered and profited on before it got popular.

How is this possible?

Because low-priced stocks don’t always = poorly run companies.

Sometimes, you can find a diamond in the rough…

And our POWR Stocks Under $10 service makes that easier than ever…

Using the same 118-factor model…

You’ll find a rating of every stock under $10 if it’s an “A” or an “F.”

And the results so far have been incredible...

Get “A” Rated Stocks UNDER $10!

+138.9% on PNTR…

+192.4% on GSP…

+185.7% on MOVIQ…

+178.9% on LFVN…

+140.1% on MTEX…

+155.2% on AINN…

+152.2% on RELV…

+223.3% on AXSO…

+216.6% on CBOU…

And +301.2% on UMC!

But Just a List of Stocks Is Not Enough.

We Went One Step Further…

Imagine the life-changing money you’d collect from just one of these winners!

Because for a stock priced below $10…

you can LOAD up on shares for CHEAP! 

Making this the perfect “lottery ticket” strategy to add to your investing life, it’s not about risking your nest egg, it’s about winning big while risking as little as possible.

This system makes it easier than ever…

This is where investing expert, Jay Soloff, comes into play.

Jay comes from a traditional Wall Street analysis background with over 20 years of trading the market. His most important ratings are value and quality.

You could’ve started with $5,000 and walked away with over $71,005 from just ONE of Jay’s other trading strategies…

  • VXZ = 367%
  • XLY = 170% in just a few days
  • WMT = 178%
  • DISH = 109%
  • FAST  = 233% as the market fell
  • GLD = 156%
  • XLB = 222%
  • ARNC = 70%
  • And… 1,421% on ETFC

And Jay beat the stock market trading in 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022!

He’s also shown his readers these all-time winning trades:

Not every trade works out like this…

But these winners can be life-changing.

As part of this service, he goes beyond the computer-driven strategy to do in-depth research to hand-pick the best stocks…

Then he tells you why these stocks stand out above the pack.

It’s the human touch that a quant model on its own can’t replicate.

Jay will give you commentary on why you should make certain moves in your portfolio based on what the algorithm produced…

And pinpoints when to buy and sell the best stocks under $10.

The idea is to get a consistent flow of these picks that have been vetted through the lens of a trusted expert in Jay.

Because what if a stock shoots up from $2 to $10…

You don’t want to sell it too early if it still has some gas left in the tank, that’s where Jay steps in to let you know if it’s time to hold.

All this is yours to try now.

Just $1 down gets a 30-day trial of POWR Stocks Under $10 with full access to everything.

Remember, this is not a scaled-down “light” or limited-use version like some publishers offer… this is EVERYTHING.

All features, all stocks, all updates, all access…

You get everything as soon as you start your trial…

Including new trades that will roll out in the days ahead.

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It just doesn’t get any easier than this.

You’re getting the complete list of the best data-driven stocks under $10 now with the potential for explosive gains — plus a trading expert to guide you when to trade.

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Now that can be you enjoying those results.

How Your 30-Day Trial Works

Unlock unlimited access to POWR Stocks Under $10 with portfolio allocation tactics, trade alerts, and more with access to Jay Soloff.

🔔Day 23
Get a reminder when your trial will end with easy cancel instructions if you’re not thrilled with the service. No one in the business does this, we’ve all been tricked by unscrupulous marketers that make it impossible to quit trials — not us.

If you don’t like our service, we don’t need your money.

Day 30
You’ll be charged for your subscription of choice  — cancel anytime prior.

How much will you be charged after your trial ends?

You have 3 great membership options:

However, you can cancel anytime and won’t be charged further.

In fact:

We’ll even refund your $1 for your trial!

That’s something most charlatans in this industry aren’t willing to do… but that’s not our style… we stick to the “Golden Rule” with how we like to do business.

You don’t pay unless you’re 100% CERTAIN that this strategy is for you.

Better still?

After your trial ends, and you join our service officially…

You’ll still have 90 days to get a full refund!

Plain and simple:

If you don’t love our service...we don’t deserve your money.

As you can see, there is absolutely no risk in taking a trial now.

Simply select your preferred membership option after the 30-day trial ends, then click the Start My Trial button below!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the secret algorithm?

A: The secret algorithm is a data-driven stock-picking algorithm that analyzes over 5,300 stocks using 118 different calculations. It has been developed by a leading data scientist and has shown impressive returns since 1999.

Q: How does the algorithm select stocks?

A: The algorithm evaluates stocks based on 118 factors grouped into categories such as growth, value, momentum, stability, sentiment, and quality. Stocks that receive the highest scores across all factors are given an "A" rating and are considered the best stocks to buy.

Q: What are the results?

A: Since 1999, a $10,000 investment using the algorithm would have grown to $4,436,850 today, significantly outperforming the S&P 500.

The algorithm has also identified stocks under $10 that have delivered impressive returns, some reaching over 300%.

Q: What is the cost and trial period?

A: For a limited time, you can start a 30-day all-access trial of the POWR Stocks Under $10 newsletter for just $1.

After the trial ends, you have three membership options: $107 per month (monthly plan), $100 per month (6-month plan), or $66.42 per month (1-year plan with a 38% discount).

You can cancel anytime during the trial or within 90 days after joining to receive a full refund.

Good Deal

$107 per month

Monthly plan

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$66.42 per month

1 year plan = $797 in total

Save 38%

Better Deal

$100 per month

6 month plan = $600 in total

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  • Portfolio of hand-selected trades that harnesses the proven Stocks Under $10 strategy with an average +57.82% annual return.
  • Timely Trade Alerts by Email or Text tell you exactly when AND why to buy & sell.
  • Precise % Allocations: The easiest way to determine how much money to put into each trade.
  • Weekly commentary, including in-depth market outlook