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This Secret Algorithm Just Analyzed Over 5,300 Stocks Using 118 Different Calculations And Found

Average annual returns calculated in a backtested study from 1/1/1999 to 12/31/2023

Notice how “F” rated stocks perform terribly at -20.21% annually (even during bullish markets)... and the S&P 500 just barely gets a “C minus!”

This 118-factor rating system works.

Of course, past results don’t guarantee future results… but you can see the real potential here by using this quant model.

You don’t need years of experience…

And you don’t need insider connections…

Simply go for the “A” rated stocks, and you’re set… no second-guessing.

This brand-new way of investing unlocks far more possibilities for you.


On any given day, there are 1,300 stocks that have buy ratings (A and B ratings)...

And even if we look at the ones with the best Value ratings, it’s still hundreds.

Nobody has the time to review that many stocks every day.

So We Returned to the Data Scientist and
Created a NEW Way to Increase Performance by
Narrowing Down the 1,300 Stocks…

To ONLY the 10 Best Value Picks With HUGE Profit Potential

What Happens After the 30 Day Trial?

Most likely you will want to stay a member of POWR Growth trading service after the trial to get the benefit of the Top 10 Growth Stocks strategy in the hands of our Chief Growth Strategist, Jaimini Desai. 

If that is the case you have 2 great membership options:

  • $97 per month
  • $397 for 6 months ($66.17 per 32%!)

However, if the service doesn't feel like the right fit for your investing style, then just cancel and not be charged further. In fact, we are even happy to give you a refund on the $1 trial amount.

Meaning there is absolutely no risk in taking a trial now. Just select your preferred membership option after the 30 day trial ends, then click the Start My Trial button.

Simply buy and sell the top stocks this
supercomputer recommends each month…

And enjoy average annual returns of 35.59%
(That’s 378% MORE than the S&P 500)!


Dear Reader,

If you would like your investments to compound 4 times faster… with the market’s best stocks that are automatically updated for you… then continue reading.

This is an alternative quant-based strategy with more upside potential and less risk…

It’s one of the most lucrative ways for anyone to compound money faster…

And yet it’s still relatively unknown.

This is the brand new opportunity you’ll discover here in the next few moments.

But first, let me quickly explain how this strategy was created:

We hired one of the world’s leading data scientists to analyze over 2,000 factors determining if a stock price will go up or down…

… and he discovered that just 118 factors make stocks GO UP!

Those 118 factors became our POWR ratings model…

Stocks that scored high receive an “A” rating… while lemons receive an “F.”

And had you only invested in “A” rated stocks since 1999…

A $10,000 Investment Would Have Grown to $5,355,681 Today!

You’d be a multimillionaire simply by investing in “A” rated stocks.

And you’d avoid the stock market’s biggest lemons too.

Here, finally, is a way to see through the market noise and get the best TEN value stocks available on the market updated automatically.

No more rolling the dice on a stock… wasting hours on research in the process…

Now you can look at this updated list… and rest assured that the newest list of 10 value stocks fits all the proven criteria for a breakout success.

This makes your life a whole lot easier.

And that’s not all...

Because by dialing in our quant model, we’ve also jacked UP the performance.

I’m talking about 24% greater returns than the already impressive POWR Ratings!

I know it's not so obvious on the surface…but a 24% annual return advantage leads to doubling your money far more frequently.

Remember that chart I showed you earlier…

How a $10,000 investment back in 1999 would’ve turned into $5.4 million today by investing in our original model...

Well, had you used this new top 10 value model instead… in the same time frame…

That $10,000 Would Grow to $17.8 Million!

That’s the power of BIG compounding annual returns from a reliable strategy.

It’s why Einstein called compounding the “8th wonder of the world…” and Ben Franklin said, “Money makes money. And the money that money makes, makes money.”

The sooner you tap into these huge 36.60% average annual returns, the better.

You simply take the newest list of top 10 value stocks to your brokerage and click buy.

It doesn’t get any easier than that!

I’m talking about stocks that are picked using a proprietary quant algorithm on the bleeding edge of what’s possible when you combine tech with stock analysis.

It’s how you can buy obscure stocks at the PERFECT moment… regardless of market conditions… while the average investor loses money making the wrong decisions.

And you can make this money fast.

Just take a look at our biggest gains generated in 1 month or less!

  • MAXY 86.6%
  • LMS 79.0%
  • AMKR 65.1%
  • OMN 57.1%
  • SMD 55.2%
  • KEM 50.2%
  • SILI 43.4%
  • OXM 42.1%
  • MOBI 41.3%
  • XRM 40.7%
  • LEE 40.1%
  • VEON 40.0%
  • MERC 39.7%
  • HDNG 37.3%
  • CBPO 36.1%
  • BIO 33.7%
  • ADUS 33.6%
  • UONEK 33.1%
  • AE 32.9%
  • APOG 32.8%
  • NEU 32.4%
  • CBM 31.8%
  • PLPC 31.6%
  • HLTOY 31.3%
  • TORXF 30.8%

Imagine investing in a stock like MAXY, LMS, or AMKR…

…and nearly doubling your money in less than 30 days!

Not every pick is a winner, but most are, hence our +35.59% average annual returns.  

If you’re ready to quickly accelerate your investment success…

Here’s how to get started:

Get Your 30-Day All Access
Trial Started NOW!

For a limited time, you can experience the market-beating returns of the POWR Value newsletter for only $1 for 30 days.

During your risk-free trial, you'll get the following:

  • Portfolio of Top 10 Value Stocks based on the proven method with average annual return of +35.59%
  • Timely Trade Alerts by email or text telling you exactly when AND why to buy & sell
  • Precise % Allocations: The easiest way to determine how much money to put into each trade.

PLUS exclusive access to myself, Steve Reitmeister, and my weekly commentary.

You might know me best from my time at, where I was the Editor-in-Chief for 16 years…

Regardless, the point is this:

Even in today’s age of advanced computer models, nothing can completely replace the human touch.

The thousands of hours of education and research, decades of navigating the toughest markets, and pure gut instinct.

You’re getting the complete list of the best value trades now with the potential for explosive gains — plus my guidance and analysis.

It just doesn’t get any easier than this.

But there’s a catch…

Every Friday, I analyze what the supercomputer sees as the top 10 best-value stocks for the month and give important context backing each investment.

Sure, you can just take the list of stocks and invest completely on your own…

You’ll probably do great — after all, we’re sporting 36.60% average annual returns…

But you need my latest update this upcoming Friday to guarantee the absolute BEST chance at success.

Remember, this is all about compounding your returns month after month and year after year…

The best way to stick with this plan is to have a guiding expert hand supporting you.

Context is key, and that’s exactly what I’ll provide.

But you must take action now before my newest update goes live…

The sooner you put this strategy to work, the sooner you can enjoy these market-crushing compounding returns… and you can get started for just $1 for 30 days!

Just a buck — that’s all.

Here’s exactly how your 30-day trial works:

🔓Today: Instantly unlock access to our POWR Value service.

🔔Day 23: Get a reminder about your trial with hassle-free cancel instructions.

Day 30: It's decision time—pick your subscription or cancel without hassle.

How much will you be charged after your trial ends?

You have 3 great membership options: 

You Must Join by Friday for the NEWEST Update

However, you can cancel anytime, and you won’t be charged further.

In fact:

We’ll even refund your $1 for your trial!

That’s something most charlatans in this industry aren’t willing to do… but that’s not our style… we stick to the “Golden Rule” with how we like to do business.

  • $107 per month (monthly plan)
  • $100 per month (6-month plan = $600 in total)
  • $66.42 per month (1-year plan = $797 in total. Save 38%) - BEST OFFER!

You Don’t Pay Until You’re 100% CERTAIN
That This Strategy Is for You!

Better still?

After your trial ends, and you join our service officially…

You’ll still have 90 days to get a full refund!

Plain and simple:

If you don’t love our service...we don’t deserve your money.

As you can see, there is absolutely no risk in taking a trial now.

Simply select your preferred membership option after the 30-day trial ends, then click the Start My Trial button below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the POWR Ratings System Work?

A: The POWR Ratings System is fueled by our proprietary computer algorithm, which uses data to analyze over 5,300 stocks using 118 different calculations. It has been developed by a leading data scientist and has shown impressive returns since 1999.

Q: How does the algorithm select stocks?

A: The algorithm evaluates stocks based on 118 factors grouped into categories such as growth, value, momentum, stability, sentiment, and quality. Stocks that receive the highest scores across all factors are given an "A" rating and are considered the best stocks to buy. Next we drilled down to the 10 best value stocks to make stock selection easier…and to boost performance!

Q: What are the results?

A: Since 1999, a $10,000 investment in the POWR Rating A stocks would have grown to $5,355,681 today, significantly outperforming the S&P 500.

But the superior performance of the Top 10 Value strategy takes that same $10,000 investment and compounds it to nearly $18 million.

Not overnight riches. Remember, this covers more than 24 years.

Yet as you can see, the earlier you get started using this consistently successful approach…the better your personal results.  

Q: What is the cost and trial period?

A: For a limited time, you can start a 30-day all-access trial of the POWR Value newsletter for just $1.

After the trial ends, you have three membership options: $107 per month (monthly plan), $100 per month (6-month plan), or $66.42 per month (1-year plan with a 38% discount).

You can cancel anytime during the trial or within 90 days after joining to receive a full refund.

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