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Everyday the POWR Ratings system scours the investment landscape looking for the stocks with the most upside potential. And every day new stocks are ascending to "A" rated Strong Buys...or dropping to "F" rated Strong Sells.

The chart below spells out why you need to pay attention to these timely POWR Ratings.

Yes, the +28.56% compounded annual gain of the "A" rated Strong Buy stocks did outperform the S&P 500 by more than 4X since 1999.

Just as important, it pointed out the worst stocks (D & F rated) so you could avoid them before they had the chance to harm your portfolio.

Full access to these POWR Ratings is why so many investors have joined our Premium service. 

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To be honest, the above performance details drastically understates the true long term benefit of applying the POWR Ratings to your portfolio. That is why you should check out the following chart showing the value of the $10,000 investment in the A rated stocks over time.

Yes, that $10,000 investment in 1999 would have grown to $5,355,681 today. Far surpassing the $59,413 total for the S&P 500.

That is because the +28.56% compounded annual return of the A rated stocks doubled over 4 times more often than the S&P 500.

This consistent, year after year outperformance, would have added up to make a significant difference in your financial future. And now imagine how these returns might apply to your personal situation for those starting with more than $10,000.

Enjoying those results in real life is why we say that now is the time to "Unlock the POWR in your Portfolio!"

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What's Inside the Ratings?

This is truly one of the most complete stock ratings systems available to investors today.

In fact, we analyze 118 different factors for every stock, each of them contributing a little to the stock's likelihood of outperformance. The combinate of all these factors is what leads to the +28.56% annualized return for the "A" rated stocks.

Don't worry. You won't need to analyze all 118 factors for each stock. We have simplified the process by narrowing it all down to an overall POWR Ratings that clearly identifies whether the stock is likely to outperform (A & B rated).

The graph below shows you the bell curve distribution of the POWR Ratings to appreciate that only the top 5% are worthy of the coveted A, Strong Buy rating.

The POWR Ratings ability to quickly narrow down to the 25% of stocks likely to outperform (A & B rated) is a quantum leap forward for investors.

However, with over 5,000 stocks rated by the system that means there are still over 1,250 worthy stocks to consider. This next section will help you easily narrow down that list to the precise picks you want to add to your portfolio.

7 More Grades to Select YOUR Favorite Stocks

Every investor has a unique stock selection process. They may search for different attributes like growth, value, momentum and more. That is why we came up with 7 different grades for each stock so you can dial into those that meet your specific needs.

  • Growth
  • Value
  • Momentum
  • Quality
  • Stability
  • Sentiment
  • Industry

Every investor will combine these in different ways to suit their preferences. The key is knowing that each additional A & B component grade for the stock will increase your odds of outperformance. So you might as well stack as many of them in your favor as possible.

Analyzing each stock from these 118 different angles is what leads to the +28.90% compounded annual return. If you want immediate access to these POWR Ratings then...

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POWR Ratings Premium Resources

Here are the popular features that comes with a subscription to POWR Ratings Premium that help you drill down to the stocks best suited for your portfolio.

  • "A" Rated Stocks List – all the “A” rated Strong Buy stocks in one place.

  • Upgrades/Downgrades - recently upgraded stocks are the most timely. Updated daily.

  • Stock Screener w/ POWR Ratings – narrow down to the top rated stocks that match your unique investing style thanks to the overall POWR Rating, component grades and Industry Rating.

  • Top Stocks by Target Price - discover the stocks with the most upside potential based upon Wall Street average price targets.

  • Dividend Discount Model - find the best value stocks in the POWR Ratings universe according to the famed Dividend Discount Model.

  • High Yield Dividend Stocks - This is where you can find the best A & B rated dividend paying income stocks.

  • Industry Rating – find the best stocks in the best industries based upon our A to F rating of 123 different industry groups.

    And much more...

You are on your way to starting a 30 day free trial to our POWR Ratings Premium subscription that gives you full access to all the amazing investment resources noted above.

And at no time is it more valuable than now. In the face of a bear market to get rid of the worst stocks that destroy you portfolio. And replace them with the healthiest stocks set to outperform.

What Happens After the 30 Day Trial?

Most likely you see tremendous value in the POWR Ratings and want to stay on as a member after the trial. 

If that is the case you have 3 great membership options:

  • $39.97 per month (monthly plan)
  • $35.00 per month  (6 month plan = $210 in total)
  • $19.97 per month (1 year plan = $239.64 in total. Save 50%) - BEST OFFER!

However, if the service doesn't feel like the right fit for your investing style, then cancel and not be charged further.

We'll also send you an email 7 days before your trial converts to remind you it is coming to an end.

Yes, that is quite uncommon...I guess you could say that is the “Golden Rule” part of how we do business, because we want you to be 100% certain that the POWR Ratings are right for you. 

And if you're still unsure, we will even give you an extra 90 days after your trial converts to get a full refund.  

Plain and simple, if you don’t love our service...we don’t deserve your money.

As you can see there is absolutely no risk in taking a trial now. All that's left is for you to choose your preferred membership option after the 30 day trial ends, then click the Start My Trial button.

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Unlock the POWR in Your Portfolio!
+28.90% Annual Gains

Is it a bull or is it a bear?

No one can say for sure...but we all know its VOLATILE!

This is not a time to run away from the market. This is the time to hunker down and make the best possible moves to improve your financial condition.

That is why so many investors are using the POWR Ratings at this time to make crucial changes.

Sell the weakest stocks

Buy the rare few that are ready to rise

Let’s focus on that first point. The “F” rated Strong Sell stocks were down -62.98% in 2022. Yes, that is almost 4X worse than the average stock.

Now imagine you had access to our ratings to get rid of these poisonous stocks...just imagine how much better off you would be now.

Then by removing the weakest stocks you now have more room in your portfolio for the strongest A rated stocks that tremendously outperform the market...yes, even during a bear market.

Please consider a 30 day free trial now to use the POWR Ratings to improve your portfolio. Especially now in the face of this challenging market.

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